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Wooden Ducks

 Wooden Ducks

Wooden ducks are made from the root of the bamboo plant, which is cut and shaved to form the body of the duck, then the head and legs are added from scrap wood from the furniture industry to create a duck ornament. These can then be stained, varnished or painted, making them suitable as window displays, garden ornaments or indoor gifts or ornaments.

These item are available with either a clear natural stain or a golden brown stain, painted or with a gloss varnish type finish.
All provide a UV and a water repellent barrier
Our Wooden Ducks are offered in a range of sizes, including family units and are available with web feet, shoes, boots and wellies.
 The teak wood retains its own natural oils providing its own wood preserving properties.

The body is made from the root of the bamboo grass, which can be harvested after only 3 years, making it a perfect material for maintaining the eco balance.

Each Duck will be individual as they are made by hand so no two will be the same.

  Bamboo root will have natural imperfections which are minimised as much as possible