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How wooden ducks captured our hearts

Posted by Richard Harrop on

Over the last twenty five years these handmade wooden ducks have decorated our windowsills across the country in all their forms.

From the most rustic raw examples with the bamboo root thorns still attached, to the most highly decorated pieces carefully hand painted by artisans with accessories of wellies, hats and cloaks.

What is it in our psyche that draws us to these ornaments?

The appeal stretches across all ages, from children with their super hero ducks and Pirates to bridal ducks for the just married, all the way to granny with her duck family collection.

Perhaps it’s because so many tastes can be catered for, with natural web feet and bamboo bodies combined with the natural wood in differing stains appealing to the more environmental friendly among us. Or those seeking a rural feel to their home, despite being located in a city with perhaps a more shabby chic style, with a painted body or wellies.  

These decorative master pieces are available in numerous colour combinations and patterns, from a plain black duck through to a fully tartan outfit.

With such a multitude of choice, it appears there is always one to suit our individual taste.

The curious thing about this phenomena, is that it appears to be very much a British passion which has not transcended to other countries in anything like the scale in the UK. Or perhaps this is a secret passion we don’t want to share with the rest of the world.

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