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Light Mango Furniture UK

Mango wood is a hard, dense wood which to be long lasting needs to be properly seasoned and kiln dried, which in the case of Indonesian Mango means a period double that of other tropical woods like Teak or Mahogany. Mango wood displays colour properties unlike most other woods, it has a wondrous close grain which varies in colour within each tree, changing from a light tan colour all the way through green and grey hues to a mid to dark brown. It is this stunning grain which makes mango wood furniture desirable, providing a charming rustic look to any home.

The strong timber is also a great choice for furniture due to its mechanical properties. It is a pleasure to work with and takes cutting and turning easily. The multi-hued grain looks best in large flat panels and sweeping curves which allow the splendour of the grain to show. The wood looks especially beautiful crafted into large, simply formed items such as bookcases or tables, letting the grain sell itself rather than requiring ornate features.

Mango wood furniture is one of the most sustainable timber products on the planet, being made from what is essentially a waste by-product of the massive mango fruit industry in Asia. As the trees are continually being cut down to create space for younger trees which will produce more fruit, it would be a shame to waste such a valuable and decorative commodity hence the mango farmers sell on the timber to subsidise their livelihood.

Our range consists of TV stand furniture, Coffee table with drawers & Wine rack, the mango TV stand  is available in two designs and sizes while the mango coffee table incorporates 3 drawers for storage. This coffee table with drawers has been designed to accommodate A4 size magazines.

All our TV stand furniture is in our mango wood furniture range as is our coffee table with drawers making them ideal living room furniture.


All our TV stands and coffee table have been designed with opium legs, a favourite design of Asian furniture, which has proved equally popular outside of Asian markets.