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Garden ornaments

Our garden ornament range incorporates products from a selection of materials including stone, wood, metal and resin. From statues to wind chimes, with many being handmade in rural developing regions of the world.

These collections include hand carved stone statues through to wood carved teak Owls for the garden, making them unique individual pieces.


We now offer a range of metal bird ornaments in a range of colourful designs to bring even greater colour into your garden, these include our new lines of Flamingo’s.

Other garden ornaments include a host of resin animal ornaments and figures, providing an individual feel and an attractive addition to a garden. From pigs and sheep to Gnomes and fairy figures.

The ever popular large garden Buddha statues made from a fibreglass cement combination have now been supplement with a selection of dog statues 



  While other popular lines like our bamboo wind chimes continue to expand.

Fun garden ornaments include ‘Shaun the sheep’, with its bobbing head and its smaller Timmy companion.

More practical garden gifts include ranges of garden planters and solar garden ornaments, like our Owl offering together with accessories like Geko thermostats are also now available.


Stone column water features with revolving balls atop in a selection of designs.

Buddha head statues and Easter Island heads from stone both carved and cast are available exclusively from ourselves.