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Previously based in South East Asia, where we supplied Crafts and Furniture from local suppliers for export around the world. Now located in Kettering, Northamptonshire. UK

 Consequently, have a large range of potential suppliers available from our in depth knowledge of local producers in this region.

 In order to keep prices down, we do not operate from a retail outlet, but rather supply all goods online, with delivery available for furniture items.

 Our entire supplier network is made up of small and medium sized companies, operating where possible on entirely local resources and material. Thereby maintaining a minimum carbon footprint, while providing employment in undeveloped rural areas of this third world country.

 All products have been hand crafted or using manual methods of production allowing for small, unique and limited editions of a range of Craft and Furniture models.

 Consequently, many of our designs are not available anywhere else or at price levels we can offer.

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