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Rattan cabinets and tables

A collection combining wooden frames and rattan drawers with solid teak wood tops.

This collection consists of cabinets with solid wood frames with a shabby chic white finish, incorporating hand woven rattan draws complete with a solid teak wood tops in a clear stain finish to enhance this beautiful wood.

Our selection comprises of storage units with open sides and back in a two and three draw version, providing a visually attractive rattan basket drawer.

 A fully enclosed drawer unit complete with two deep wooden drawers together with either a two or three draw rattan basket.

We also offer a bedside unit with one deep rattan basket and one slim rattan basket, together with one wooden draw unit.

All units are topped with the teak wooden top, to create a beautiful piece for any room, whether for a bedroom or Kitchen. These pieces would equally be suitable for a Conservatory, where there attractive looks would not be out of place.

Geometic side tables and unholstered footstools are also now available.

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