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Handmade Gifts


Our handmade gifts selection includes a range of home decor ornaments which make great home presents, with items to suit both men and women.

We have created one section dedicated to carved ornaments, to provide a full range of animals and figures. 

Handmade gifts for him or her many of them hand painted, bringing colourful ornaments to a home.

A selection of unique and individual gifts designed and produced to give a little individuality not found in mass produced pieces.

With small or individual production runs, these products will remain distinct, making the perfect gift to show you care.

I hope these indoor gift selections brings a smile to the face and joy to a heart and a memory to hold onto.

Most of our items will have been handmade in developing countries where these handcrafted skills are still valued highly and continue to be past down the generations and are often in bedded in local communities.