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Gifts For The Home

A selection of ornaments and gifts for the home from wall art to Kitchenware, novelty mugs to sewing baskets.


Practical gifts
For a more practical gift, we have grouped together all item that have an additional function beyond decoration, for the home and kitchen.


 Wall art   

In our wall art section, we have included wall ornaments, for both indoor and outdoor use, such as our Butterfly selections. 
Novelty mugs now appear in our site, with more to be added in the future, as we seek out more distinctive and imaginative designs for your selection.
Decorative Gifts


 A broader range of ornaments from a range of materials can be found here, all of which will help enhance any room.

With products from mythical and fantasy figures as well as niche themes, there will be something to suit everyone.

 Table Lamps

Includes ethnic Morrocan lamps and unusual unique designs.

Duvet Covers

Animal picture collection of single duvet sets