Wooden Ducks

Our wooden ducks collections consist of a wooden bamboo duck created from the root of the bamboo plant with either wellies or web feet.

  It can be supplied in a range of options which include a natural finish, hand painted or with a wood stain for UV protection, either with a clear or our standard golden oak finish.

 All our ducks have been hand crafted and hand carved so each piece will therefore be individual and unique.

 We do offer position options on some lines, including side facing and feeding ducks.

Ducks are offered with web feet, welly boots and ducks with shoes, in a range of colours and patterns.


              Web                          Wellies                            Dcuk


Ducks with wellies have now been expanded to include a duck with hunting boots in an exclusive model for us.

 This collection also include branded dcuk ducks in a selection of styles from sporting and professional to love heart ducks providing the perfect gift for someone you love.

 All our wooden duck ornaments are available in a full range of sizes from ducklings and ducky or ducklet sizes through to our standard small/medium and large ducks standing up to 46 cm

 We also offer various family groups of five, four, three, two

 Each Duck will be individual as they are made by hand so no two will be the same.