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Bowls and tableware

A collection of rustic and ethnic display bowls and plates from Teak, Bamboo, Coconut, shell and rattan. Together with Coasters and table mats.                                                              

Woven tableware bowls and coaster sets brings together a range of styles and materials from the developing world, many of them hand crafted to provide both functional and decorative pieces.

Many of these pieces were created using traditional methods of production with a selection of carved wooden bowls, through to the weavers of Lombok creating rattan bowl sets and bread baskets.

A diverse selection of coasters and table mats are also included in this collection, providing both a natural and attractive alternative to mass produced alternatives.

Our wooden bowl selection make both practical fruit bowls and decorative pieces, while others are idea serving bowls or salad bowls.

A unique set of coconut bowls are also available which would make great starter or desert bowls for a dinner party and certainly get your guests attention.

The most colourful and eye catching of all, are our shell covered mosaic bowls and plates, available in a selection of sets, making a great centre piece to a tableware display.