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Buddha statues

Indoor and outdoor Buddha statues

The Buddha represents calm and tranquillity in this ever fast passed stressful world we live in today.

To achieve this, a Buddha statue would need to provide those qualities in its meditating state, which should be reflected in its expression.

When selecting our meditating Buddha statues this will always be at the forefront of our selection, together with the quality of the carving if made from solid wood.

Our Buddha collection is not limited to meditating Buddha however, we do strive to offer a range of Buddha styles to meet our customer requirements.

Not just the various hand positions of meditating Buddha statues, but also laughing and dancing Buddha statues in both indoor and outdoor examples.

We also offer a small selection in other materials including Aluminium or resin if you prefer.

I hope all our pieces would bring Joy and perhaps good luck to your daily, while as a gift, will bring happiness and contentment to the recipient.

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