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Bags and Jewellery


Ethnic bags and Shopping Bags from water hyacinth and other natural materials. Beaded and Sequin bags in addition to handmade Beaded Jewellery from village communities in South East Asia.


We strive to provide collections of bags unique to us, handmade in Indonesia and obtained directly from the local community in which they are made.

Our ethnic collection of bags incorporate traditional designs from developing regions using natural environmentally friendly materials, but also newer materials which help to enhance the product offerings from this region of the world

One of the most effective examples of environmentally friendly materials is the use of water hyacinth, which has been successfully incorporated into our shopping bag designs.

Traditional skills have also been employed in the creation of our extensive beaded and sequin bags ranges of handbags, which include a selection of party bags complete with tassels.

 The Jewellery offerings are once again utilising the natural materials available in these rural communities where these item are constructed, providing simple ethnic necklaces and bracelets for both adults and children.

Supplier Story

The stories behind the creation of some of these collections shows the direct link with these communities even in their darkest hour.

The case of the small bag producer who’s stock was nearly all lost when his house collapsed during an earth quake. We were able to salvage sufficient pieces for him to build a new roof for his house within weeks of the disaster.

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