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Ornaments, Statues, Carvings and Gifts

Our unrivalled wooden carvings and wooden ducks, have now been matched by our growing range of indoor gifts and garden ornaments.

We offer a range of gifts for the home, primarily ornaments of which many are unique to us, such as our comprehensive range of decorative ceramic vases, but also popular designs at competitive prices, including wall clocks and novelty mugs.

Our garden options incorporates both large Buddha statues & other garden ornaments, including both cast stone and carved stone heads, together with garden furniture in the form of rattan bistro sets in a selection of styles, as well as resin and metal animal statues.

Our Wooden Ducks collections continue to expand with new designs, combinations and colours, including wooden Ducks with shoes and branded  dcuk ducks

We hope to supply you with a unique selection of crafts carefully sourced from selected producers, offering distinctive and original pieces using handcrafted processes and skills no longer found in more advanced countries.

These skills include wooden carving from the finest carvers in Bali, producing exquisite examples of animals like the Cobra snake or the enchanting Buddha statues in their very own collection

Our range of products now contains resin garden animal, wooden bowls and metal wall ornaments as well as bamboo wind chimes and Buddha water features.

We also offer colourful lines of beaded bags for special occasions as well as more distinctive materials like water hyacinth shopping bags and synthetic snake skin handbags in our ethnic bag offering.

Small limited production runs of handmade furniture, including mango wood TV stands and rattan chests with teak tops are also available in our exclusive designs.

The extensive range of wooden carvings found on this site is only matched by the quality of our Buddha statues which have been individually chosen by us to provide the finest quality of pieces, from the best wood carvers in the world, making the perfect gift.

Order processing time is normally 1-2 days, however wooden Ducks and Furniture lines may require 2-3 days before dispatch