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Hand Carved Wooden Statues

A wood carving is the easiest way to find a unique ornament as the very nature of the material and the process of carving cannot be replicated perfectly, making each wood carving to some degree unique.
Every piece will be a testimony to the skill of the carver, not only in their ability to carve wood, but also in their eye for detail, making each piece a true piece of art.
The type of wood used will also be a factor in determining the skill of the individual carver, with a harder wood providing a far more considerable challenge to that of a soft wood in both time and difficulty. Of course there is always exceptions, where the structure of the wood may make it difficult to work even when the wood is soft. I was thinking of parasite wood, where simple mushroom shapes are possible but more complicated figures are much harder to achieve.
The age of the wood should also be considered as uniformity of colour is more difficult to achieve in younger wood, which in turn will affect the appearance of the piece.
For the best examples of an intricate detailed carving, in a well-proportioned size and shape and a consistent colour should be the aim. With the wood type and total size being major factors in the overall price of the piece in addition to the overall skill level in creating the wood carving.
In the west, intricate wood carving using traditional skills is very much a dying art with trends now turning towards chain saw carvings. In the east it is a different story, with the skills of traditional carvers like those in Bali, remain in demand from China and Japan through to the Middle East.
To achieve the perfect carving, for instance the Buddha. The face needs to radiate tranquillity in addition to the proportions being a perfect match for the features and body. While for an animal, it needs to appear as lifelike as possible, so the stance would be an important consideration.
In terms of durability, it is obviously preferable for the carving to come complete with a base incorporated into the piece, rather than without, which is most common with animal statues like a Horse or Elephant as they more prone to damage. Making packaging a further consideration when purchasing a carving, especially online.
Any carving with protruding parts such as scales or teeth are also susceptible to possible damage, so should be handled carefully. A Dragon would represent a fine example, of a carving with many of these delicate pieces, requiring considerable care.
Positioning of your carving should also be considered early on in the process, as many designs can be delicate making shelves and display cabinets more appropriate for such pieces
Pieces using teak wood for instance may even be suitable for gardens if treated accordingly.
All carvings should periodically be treated with an oil or wax to maintain the best condition of the wood, especially in our modern central heated households. In addition, your carving should not be located to close to a heat source to avoid any possibility of cracking. Equally, direct sun light should be avoided as UV rays will in time bleach the wood, unless treated with a UV protective layer.

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