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Large Buddha Garden Statue

Our exclusive range of large Buddha garden statues has been created in conjunction with our producer, who specialises in making statues from a combination of fibreglass and cement. 

This creates a relatively light weight large statue compared to cast stone, while providing greater durability then from a resin statue.

This method is ideally suited to larger pieces in contrast to resin which is more suited to smaller pieces.

The other great advantage in the purchase of large Buddha garden statues is the cost, with equivalent size cast stone statues being twice the price if not more. While fully carved pieces from solid stone, could easily be double again.

Though these pieces would not provide the same level of individuality which could be found in a carved stone piece, they still provide a degree as part of the process is still done by hand, rather then just being totally created in a mould like resin or cast stone examples.

Here at CV Apollo UK, we do offer our own cast stone Buddha, using our very attractive sand stone combined with a beautiful crafted Buddha face.

In addition, we supply a range of other large garden ornaments including a one meter tall terracotta warrior, in the same material as our large Buddha garden statues