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Resin Statues

What is a resin statue?

Created using the casting method from an original mould, which in itself will determine the detail of the piece.

A durable fiberglass synthetic polymer resin, the most common form of resin is used to create the piece from the mould. However, new technology has seen the launch of Polymer environmentally friendly resin, which is nontoxic and carcinogen free alternative to PVC, but is not yet widely available.

Resin provides a durable platform in order to display your statue, providing both detail, lightness of weight and significantly lower prices over conventional cast and other stone products.

The array of designs also continues to grow, as does the size of pieces available, with smaller pieces proving to be ideal for this form of material, while larger pieces can now be formed by combining materials such as cement to create larger statues, for garden settings.

These materials are ideal for outside use being both resistant to rain and frost and requiring only a soapy occasional clean.

The main downside is a decline in appearance due to fading or flaking of paint over time, though this can be remedied by the application of suitable paint meant for plastics.