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Where to find online gifts?

I have broken this answer down into three parts, which broadly identified the type of seller and the type of product, though not exclusively

The majority of handmade pieces will be produced locally by individuals generally described as crafters, working either full or part time as a hobby.

These type of business will traditionally display their creations at craft fairs held all over the country from large festivals to village halls.

Online, there are two main locations where you can search for these suppliers. Etsy is a specialist platform catering for handmade products and is by far the biggest player, with numerus small options now available such as Folksy. Even, Amazon is trying to get in on the act, but Etsy still remains the dominate platform.

The other major source is of course social media, with Facebook hosting countless craft and handmade product groups

Generally, all these local producers will be making products using locally source material and resources so similar groups of products are often offered.

Popular ranges will include soft toys, Jewellery, Paintings, Bags, candles and cards

The second group of gift suppliers are dominated by brand names and supplied through web sites like Wayfair and ‘Not on the high street’, these more mass produced products will be primarily imported and in the main produced in China.

Products like Lamps, Cushions. Mirrors, Vases and decorative plates are common themes for these platforms due to production costs involved. But of course they can no longer be considered a unique gift.

In more recent years, these type of products can also now be found in large independent garden centres, which often now include cast stone and resin garden ornaments.

Our final category consist of independent gift shops, which in the main consists of extensions of a local brick and mortar shop, so tend to be very localised. Resulting in the majority offering very similar categories of products, many of which have already been mentioned.

They also tend to be grouped in certain regions and towns and therefore often targeted at tourists, in the designs and products offered.

Instead, I would like to focus on truly online shops including those offering niche products and those offering a broader range of products beyond the traditional categories already covered.

These may include novelty gifts, Plaques, Garden accessories, Toiletries, Rugs/Mats and ornaments.

By encompassing such a diverse range of collections, products are often sourced from around the world, from small producers in a diverse range of countries from Morocco to Nepal though to Peru and Indonesia

I hope I have opened your mind to look further then the high street and Amazon and beyond Brand names to find truly unique gifts which can be loved by the receiver.