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TV Stand / Plasma table entertainment unit light mango furniture

Regular price £250.00

Opium style TV Stand from solid Mango wood Furniture
This is not a mass produced product so you will not finder any where else.
Bring life to your living room with this solid Mango entertainment unit in its natural colour.
This item uses light Indonesian mango wood, rather then the darker mango found in Indian furniture making it much rarer to find. 
The natural beauty of this wood is emphasized in this design to enhance your pleasure through its attractive lines and look.
Length 110 cm x Width 53 cm x Height 51 cm
This design incorporates opium style legs, which has become popular through out south east Asia and beyond.

Mango wood is only used once the tree no longer produces sustainable levels of fruit, so the wood is merely a by product of the tree, so is eco friendly as opposed to being harvested purely for its wood only, unlike Oak or pine.

Now you can have a solid wood piece of furniture, which will last a lifetime, without having to feel guilty about its eco credentials.

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