Wooden Duck feeding

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Wooden Duck feeding from bamboo root for Porch, Patio or Garden and Conservatory
 All parts receive a wood preservative prior to staining to reduce decay and prevent fungal growth
This item is available with either a clear natural stain or a golden brown stain
Both provide a UV and a water repellant barrier
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

Feet and heads which are made from scrap local wood from the domestic furniture industry are also painted with a wood preserver, improving the appearance and protection still further.

This item is made from the root of the bamboo grass, which can be harvested after only 3 years, making it a perfect material for maintaining the eco balance.

Each Duck will be individual as they are made by hand so no two will be the same.



Suitable for both indoor and exterior use

Bamboo root will have natural imperfections which are minimised as much as possible.